Cheyenne, WY in Japanese

Here’s another post about the U.S. for my Japanese readers with a brochure in Japanese at the end.

We recently visited Colorado for several days (go Rockies!) and enjoyed a day trip to Wyoming also, my first visit to this state. We visited old West Cheyenne and Laramie. In Cheyenne, we took a trolley tour of the town, and the tour guide gave a fantastic oratory on the “Wild West” history of Cheyenne as we stopped by historical buildings and parking lots that once were historical buildings…

Listening to her fantastic tales and truths, one could only imagine the rowdy town of the late 1800s with notorious characters like Wild Bill Hickok, the many saloons, the Deadwood Stagecoach that carried passengers and freight between Cheyenne and the South Dakota gold fields, and ‘ol Big Boy–the world’s largest steam locomotive built to make the rough trips over the Rocky Mountains.

The land around Cheyenne is the flat open country just like seen in the old western movies with scenes of running horses kicking up dust and views of the wide open prairie. The drive from Cheyenne to Laramie brought us into some foothills displaying very interesting rock formations, but the grand Rockies still lie a bit west of Laramie. In Laramie, the restored Wyoming State Territorial Prison that operated 1872-1890 is a must-see, the prison that held Butch Cassidy behind bars for a couple years and numerous others including women.

But, this post is for the Japanese readers because the Cheyenne Visitor Center had brochures in different languages, one of which was Japanese.  So, I scanned the brochure for a little Japanese reading.

Next time you’re in Cheyenne or Laramie, it’s only a couple of hours south to Denver, CO, a wonderful place to visit. And, don’t forget to head just an hour west for breathtaking and majestic views of the great Rocky Mountains!

Cheyenne Jap 1 001 Cheyenne Jap 2 001



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