It’s Been One Year

Last year at this time I was in Japan!  This is the first anniversary of the best trip of my life. Since I was a young I’ve wanted to visit Japan. As life events would have it, the foreign exchange student in high school (from Japan) became my best friend over thirty years ago, and we’ve managed to keep in touch. Over the years she visited me again in the States, and last year I got to visit her in Japan.  I attribute this interesting chain of intertwined events over many years to God guiding time and people to give me the desires of my heart.  A big thanks to my family and hers for making it all possible.

On the first day of the ten days that were to become my Japanese experience, we celebrated with a picnic in Notogawa Park.  We enjoyed delicious (oishii) food, great friendship and beautiful weather. We shared cultures. We stumbled through the language barrier that sometimes left us in silence enjoying each other’s company realizing that friendship, like music, is universal.

It has been a year of regularly sharing blog posts, but there are a lot more stories to share. Thanks to all who read this blog. Hopefully you will continue to read, enjoy and comment as we learn a bit more about the American-Japanese experience together.

Notogawa Park

Notogawa Park






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