Super Tour Man

We boarded the Shinkansen (“bullet” train) early and headed to Tokyo.  Traveling close to 200 m.p.h., the scenery whizzed by. The Shinkansen is a story in itself, so let’s just fast forward to Tokyo where we meet Super Tour Man. But first, my friend and I got off the train, and moving in speedy train fashion my friend whizzed us through the extremely large Tokyo train station, me at her heels, out the other side into the super-sized city.  Of course, it’s always movement at top speed with my speedy friend who is amazingly following her phone map while speed walking while we were looking for our hotel.  We speedily found it. Then, my friend informed me we were running late (yes, running—that’s being late, fast–) to catch our Hato tour bus to inner Tokyo.  So, it was out of the hotel and towards the tour bus depot. Continue reading