A Gardener’s Christmas Message

Although not part of my trip to Japan, in a spirit of peace and goodwill, I would like to share this Christmas thought because Christmas brings hope and happiness around the world.  Happy Holidays to all!

My lovely garden flowers took a hit with the recent passing of a couple hard frosts. The flower garden now displays itself in various hues of brown although with the occasional surviving bloom hidden to all but the diligent looker. Now, brown isn’t a bad color; but in the garden setting brown indicates the fun of the garden is over for a while. Some plants die with the first frost of winter (annual-type plants) while some (perennial-types) simply go dormant, ready to grow back at the coming of spring.

With the brown garden in mind, join me for just a moment while I dig deep and pull up a lesson learned from the garden. Continue reading


Bamboo like you “ain’t never seen”!

Breakfast: Fried egg, toast, aloe yogurt, rice ball and coffee.

Run: To catch the 9:00 train to Kyoto. Switch train lines and take the JR Sagano line across Kyoto to the Arashiyama area of town.

Walk: A short, convenient walk from the station to Tenryuji Temple or “Temple of the Heavenly Dragon”.

Tenryuji temple is old, as are many temples in Japan.  The original temple dates back to the 1300s although the current buildings only date back to the 1868-1912 era as they replaced the original buildings that were destroyed by fire.

But, this isn’t about Tenryuji Temple. This is about what lies behind Tenryuji Temple– Continue reading