Just How Long is a Jet Flight to Japan?

Jet Diary

Well, if you’re flying from Atlanta to Tokyo, the flight can take 13 hours.  If you’ve never sat in one place for that long, you’re in for a (maybe unpleasant) surprise! The lucky passengers are able to fall asleep and snooze away the hours. The others must endure (like me). Some endure by watching movies, some read, some write (as you can tell by my diary insert), others try to sleep but can’t (me); whatever works to pass the time. The excitement of your destination also helps the endurance effort, but let me mention that the return trip is less exciting. Anyway, if you are planning a long flight unaware, perhaps practice sitting in a chair all night long; you’ll gain new understanding of a very long flight. The good part is we arrived in Japan late afternoon and bedtime was just around the corner…


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