Ginkakuji Temple in Kyoto, Japan


Ginkakuji Temple

Monday turned into recover-from-the-flight day, but Tuesday morning began with coffee, toast, aloe yogurt and “yomogi mochi” (weed cakes) for breakfast. Aloe yogurt and weed cakes were new and tasty foods for me.

Then, it was off to catch the train to explore Kyoto and make a stop at Ginkakuji Temple established in 1482, a World Cultural Heritage Site. The temple garden impressed me with its meandering walkway through manicured woods accessible up the hills by climbing up steep, stone steps. At the top the climber is rewarded with a beautiful view of the temple grounds below complete with a Zen raked pebble garden and a glimpse of the historic city of Kyoto beyond. Serenity rules here!


Mountain-Top Experience

Mountain-Top Experience

Change can be a good thing. The flight delay that caused a change in flight plans worked in my favor. The new route provided a gorgeous aerial view of the top of Mt. Fuji, a sight I would not have encountered on the original flight plan. I’m pretty sure it’s Mt. Fuji, anyway, at least Mt. Fuji-enough for me!

Mt. Fuji

To be or not to be Mt. Fuji.

Off to a Late Start

The plane for the first flight leg of my trip was late—very late. That meant I would not catch the connecting flight to my destination nor be on time for those picking me up in Japan. Now what?

After some diligent pecking at the keyboard, the airline representative found an alternative flight following a different route and involving a connection with a small airline in Japan (only one seat left!) getting me to my final destination only 2 hours late. I said, “Grab it!”